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Foreign Student Admission


Foreign students who want to apply for a degree in  National Chi Nan University must submit an application in accordance with the school's regulations. Online registration is always adopted, and all relevant materials are uploaded before the deadline to complete the online application. Paper documents will not be accepted.
Application eligibility requirements: Foreign students wishing to study for a degree in Taiwan must comply with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan and the  National Chi Nan University. Before submitting an application, please read the Foreign Student Admissions Guide carefully to ensure a smooth application process.

For more international information, please visit our Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs website.

Foreign Student Admission https://oia.ncnu.edu.tw/p/412-1017-1264.php?Lang=en

⭐Except for dissemination, promotion and assistance of international students for necessity, National Chi Nan University does not outsource the admissions with commercial agencies.