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College of Humanities

The three subject areas of our school are "language and history", "social work and aboriginal people", "policy and administration", combined with our school's characteristic "Southeast Asian Studies", in academic application, market innovation and industry-university cooperation Promote the translation of course teaching and academic research results of various departments and programs into social applications and talent cultivation. The school is committed to promoting the teaching and research enhancement of teachers and overseas study of students, and cultivating students to become Taiwan's new generation of talents with "cross-domain knowledge, cross-border mobility, and cross-cultural communication skills".

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College of Management




The course design of the school focuses on innovative spirit, digital ability, international vision and local care, and is committed to cultivating management and research talents with both humanistic and technological literacy. In the 2019 academic year, the first undergraduate class without divisions was opened in the school, plus the existing six departments and five research centers as well as the "Emerging Industry Research Center", "Econometrics Center", "Human-Machine Interface and Creative Marketing Center", "Spectrometer Laboratory" and "PM 2.5 Research Center".Short-term development strategies include offering faculty-based courses and full English language programs, bringing in industry faculty into teaching, promoting corporate internship programs, and encouraging the sharing of faculty research resources to form research teams, and encouraging teachers to share research resources to form a research team; medium and long-term development strategies are promoting AACSB international certification and actively cooperating with foreign countries. Establish substantial links between sister schools and enterprises, and carry out the internationalization process of teaching and research.

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College of Science and Technology

The development direction of the school focuses on establishing its own characteristics and positioning, strengthening the recruitment of international students, and establishing an international reputation; actively strengthening academic research capabilities, promoting cross-field integration projects, and linking industry-government-academic cooperation to publish papers, obtain patents, and technology-transferred products Promote international academic exchanges and cooperation, strengthen mutual visits between teachers and students, and set up special classes for overseas Chinese students; strengthen cross-domain credit courses through course diversion, and actively connect with industries to assist the development of the real estate industry, and pay attention to both practical and theoretical teaching and research environment.

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College of Education




In line with the goal of the Higher Education SPROUT Project, the plan of "Sprout Project of the Shuisalian, and Welcoming Southeast Asia". Welcome to Southeast Asia", we will strengthen teaching innovation, develop school-running characteristics, enhance the publicity of higher education, implement social responsibility, and sustainable system operation. Transformation and innovation are expected to cultivate future talents with the three capabilities of "localization, specialization, and internationalization". We also refer to internal and external resources to gradually implement the three performance goals of building "warm and professional teachers", "dynamic and healthy learning environment" and "diversified and innovative curriculum teaching".

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Shui Sha Lian College

In recent years, the country's overall development policy has repositioned universities from "academic research" to "teaching quality and social contribution", comprehensively considering the professional attributes of each college, and the integrity of knowledge learning for local creation and development. The establishment of Shui Sha Lian College , not only can provide a field for knowledge practice for various professional colleges, but also have a systematic view on the cultivation of local talents, which will help the cultivation of local creative talents in Taiwan.

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College of Nursing and Health Welfare




Department of Nursing

The mission of our college is to cultivate nursing professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds and a sense of humanistic care. By guiding students in interdisciplinary learning and integrating information, technology, and management into the care process, we aim to develop individuals who become highly competitive nursing professionals in the new era. (The Department of Nursing's Indigenous Class also offers courses in Indigenous languages and cultures.)

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