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1. In response to the impact of the epidemic, registration matters will be handled by means of communication:
(1) Receiving time: from January 28 to February 8, 2022, based on the postmark.
(2) Documents to be submitted:
1. A copy of the admission notice.
2. Copy of passport.
3. The original copy of the academic certificate (competence) submitted at the time of registration.
※Candidates who apply for the examination with a foreign degree must submit the original copy of the degree certificate that has been stamped with the verification stamp of the Chinese unit stationed abroad. If you fail to submit the above academic certificates at the time of registration, you must submit them on the registration day.
4. A 2-inch photo with the hat off within the last two months, with your name written on the back.
(3) Email address: Principals Academy 9 Woodlands Avenue 9 Republic Polytechnic Singapore 738964 Ref: Cavenagh Institute (NCNU)
Please confirm by phone (65-6363-0330) or email to info@cavenagh.institute after mailing
2. Those who fail to register after the time limit shall be regarded as giving up their admission qualifications, and shall not be required to make up registration for any reason afterwards.


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